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Peak Pure Air is Closed.
 We apologize for any inconvenience.

    PeakPureAir was an E-commerce web site representing and distributing some of the best air purification products on the market. Our mission at PeakPureAir is to provide the finest quality Air Cleaners, HEPA Air Purifiers, Air Filters, Electronic Air Cleaners, UV Light Systems, and Mold products available for home, office, business, or commercial applications. Please review our products and compare prices. Our individual "hands on" approach and "customer satisfaction" remains a major priority.
    PeakPureAir.net is a branch of Peak Pure Air Mechanical Contracting, Inc. which was founded April 1996 and incorporated approximately one year later in 1997. The founder, Mr. Edward L. Peacock, has a thirty-year history in the construction business with over twenty years of experience specializing in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.
    Peak Pure Air brings a "hands on" type approach to all projects and specializes in commercial  mechanical retrofit projects. Our superior staff and dependable crews allow Peak Pure Air the freedom to diversify into all areas of construction. Usually retrofit projects typify a healthy mix of trades. From general construction, such as roofing, concrete, drywall, excavation, etc., to sheet metal, electrical, and controls work. There is no portion of construction that Peak Pure Air can not handle. Employees of PeakPureAir.net have been certified with the National Association of Toxic Mold Remediators.
    Peak Pure Air's excellent reputation allows us to be actively solicited by many area government agencies and local mechanical engineers. We would be pleased to work for you!
    Please feel free to review the track record for the past several years. Phone numbers are provided so that you may verify our excellent performance.
We are a hands on customer satisfaction orientated company yet Peak Pure Air reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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Peak Pure Air is Closed
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Peacock Enterprises Inc; Toll Free: 1-855-488-8806

While many of our products are designed to remove smoke and odors, we do not claim they remove
all of the harmful effects caused by smoking or second hand smoke. Product claims and descriptions
have been evaluated and approved by the appropriate product manufacturer.
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