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The Worlds Finest Air Filters
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Air Sponge Filter

This totally unique air filter was designed to solve the problems common in other air filters. The combination of its perfectly sealed permanent frame, and the advanced air filtration media inserts, puts this air cleaning system in a class by itself.

In fact Air Sponge Filters are up to 30 times more effective in capturing harmful fine particles, compared to those blue throw-away type air filters.

Everyone knows that mold and mildew are repulsive and foul-smelling, but what you may not know is that mold and mildew are germs of the fungal variety.

It has been proven that mold and mildew  are a common cause of allergies. As they grow, mold and mildew can release irritating spores into the air.  But now you can  control these spores from contaminating the air you breathe by using BioSponge filters.  These remarkable filters utilize AEGIS technology to eliminate the filter as a breeding ground for mold, fungi, bacteria and other common airborne contamination.

Here's how it works...

The Frame
We start by building you a permanent custom sized frame of sturdy aluminum and an electrostatic charged screen.
They won't rust, melt or warp like plastic  or cardboard air filters. We Warranty them forever!
Odd size air filter?
We hand make every air filter frame to your exact size. You'll always have a filter that fits perfectly!
Air Sponge Custom Made Frame

The patented "Form-Fit Seal" stops bypass! 
Insures 100% Air Filtration!

It is common sense that air will take the path of least resistance. Thatís why we make our filters custom, to your specifications. But we donít stop there. Air filter tracks have imperfections, design flaws, and metal to metal seals that allow severe bypass. To compensate for these flaws, our filters feature our patented anti-bypass seal. When your air conditioner or heater turns on the difference in pressures causes an air tight seal.  No bypass means your filtering 100 % of the air.

The Media Filter Pad Inserts

You'll choose what type of replaceable air filter media goes inside your frame.  Select the media that suits your needs best, you can always switch to a different  type when you use them up.

Replaceable air filter media assures a new, clean air filter every time. No more guessing if your filter is really clean & healthy.

Air Sponge, Air Filter Medias

Dust & Particle Inserts

BioSponge Plus

BioSponge Plus
Antimicrobial treated; dry tactified polyester media.  Its AEGIS microbe shield not only eliminates the filter as a potential breeding ground for micro-organisms, it also controls airborne germs. It features a special dual density design to allow for a extended 60 day filter life and a 60% increase in efficiency over regular BioSponge.  Arrestance: 93% @ .50" w.g.   Airflow: .19" w.g. @ 300 fpm


Also an extended surface filter media is produced from a high quality blend of natural and man-made fibers like the Pure Pleat 40 with the addition of antimicrobial protection, (AEGIS microbe shield).  Replace every 90 days.  Arrestance:  95% @ .50" w.g.   Airflow: .18" w.g. @ 300 fpm


Its special blend of polymers create a high stable active charge, (Electrostatic), on every fiber. MicroSponge has the highest efficiency and the lowest pressure drop of any charged media in the world.  Replace every 90 days. Arrestance: 97% @ .50" w.g.   Airflow: .17" w.g. @ 300 fpm

Odor / V.O.C. Inserts

Activated Carbon 

Activated Carbon
Activated carbon acts like a molecular magnet. Its enormous surface captures and hold gases and odors.  It adsorbs odors from pets, cooking, cigarettes, and  chemicals. Actasorb can be used with other medias. Replace every 90 days.


A natural earth mineral thermally bonded to polyester. Zeolite has the ability to remove Volitile Organic Compounds, (V.O.C.s). It is especially useful in removing Ammonia and ammonium compound odors such as pet odors and urine. Replace every 90 days.

Save Time-Save Money

Forget about the hassles of trying to buy air filters from a store!

A few mouse clicks and we'll rush them right to your door, so you'll
never have to wait in line for air filters again!

I recommend the "Air Sponge Filter" to all my patients.  It is the most effective air filter I have ever used in removing airborne contaminants."

Herbert R. Slavin, M.D.
The Institute of Advanced Medicine

The Air Sponge Filter may qualify for reimbursement under your health plan and may be tax deductible if prescribed.

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Review the Bio-Fighter UVC Light Systems.
When induct UV is used with an Air Sponge filter in the same system they
should provide an excellent whole house method for indoor air purification.

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