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UVC, Germicidal Ultraviolet Light FAQs
UV Air Purifiers / UV Air Cleaners

What does a UV light do?
A germicidal UV light system can significantly reduce the amount of viable airborne micro-organisms found in HVAC units. UVC light eliminates molds, bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. These are naturally occurring contaminants that infiltrate every home and office on this planet. Micro-organisms are living creatures that are so small a microscope is required to view them. HEPA air cleaners are efficient enough to capture many molds and bacteria, but the micro-organisms remain alive, continuing to grow and reproduce directly on the filtration media.

What are the primary benefits?
UV-C light will significantly reduce the amount of microbials in ductwork and air space, helping to reduce possible health problems associated with inhaling microbials. UV-C light is also beneficial in keeping HVAC coils free of mold which increases system efficiency.

What is the importance of UV-C light products for indoor environments?
Overall, people spend 90% of their time indoors, in a "closed" environment with little or no exchange of outside air. Such an environment can become a breeding ground for potentially harmful pathogens, and in high numbers, can prove hazardous to human health.

What is UV light?
UV stands for Ultra-Violet light. Ultraviolet light represents the frequency of light between 200 nanometers (nm) and 400nm and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Within the UV spectrum lie three distinct bands of light: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Longwave UV light (315nm to 400nm), or UV-A, refers to what we commonly call "black light." UV-B (280nm to 315nm), or midrange UV, causes sunburn. Germicidal UV light (200nm to 280nm), or UV-C, is effective in microbial control. Research has demonstrated that within this UV-C band the most efficient frequency for microbial destruction is between 254nm and 265nm. Germicidal lamps that produce the majority of their output in this range will be the most effective in microbial control/destruction.

How does it work?
UV-C light penetrates the cell walls of the microbe, causing cellular or genetic damage. The affected microbe is neutralized or becomes unable to reproduce. Intensity and exposure time will determine how quickly a susceptible microbe is disabled by UV-C light.

Do I still need an air filter?
Yes. An induct UV light system is designed to be used in addition to a dust filter or electronic air cleaner and the filtration of dust particles will also aid in keeping the bulb(s) of the UV light system clean. However, filters are inefficient at dealing with microscopic bacteria, molds, and viruses and are incapable of preventing mold from growing on a surface. A UV-C Light System contributes significantly to the reduction of the small microbial organisms that pass through filters and into the general air stream. Proper placement of a UV light system above the coil, or a surface area prone to microbial growth aids in reducing the amount of viable microbes on that surface.

How much maintenance is required on a UV light product?
Lamps should be cleaned every six (6) months to remove any dust accumulation on the bulbs that might lessen the effectiveness of the UV-C light. The Dust Free UV-C light bulbs have a service life of 9,000 hours, or approximately 375 days. Annual replacement of the bulb(s) is recommended. Most UV-C light systems should be left on continuously as turning them on and off ages the bulbs and power supplies.

How much electricity does induct UV-C light use?
Each tube uses approximately the same electricity as a 40-watt light bulb.

How many lamps do you recommend for induct home installations?
One lamp is normally sufficient to control microbial growth on the coils and in the drain pan. The lamp size used should be proportional to the space that is available in the coil and drain pan area. However, since each HVAC system is as different as the building within which it functions, the UV-C Light System most suitable for your needs should be recommended and installed by a professional trained in UV-C light use and application.

Why should I consider installing a UV light?
Indoor air can be some of the poorest quality air we experience. When we leave our windows shut, air is constantly recirculated throughout our homes. Over time this air can become stagnant and bacteria, molds, yeasts, and viruses more concentrated. These concentrations can cause inflammation of mucous membranes, upper respiratory problems, and aggravate asthma and other breathing ailments. A germicidal UV light system assists in combating high levels of these micro-organism concentrations.

Could you benefit from healthier air?
Yes. Poor indoor air quality is a problem that affects everyone. Individuals with weakened immune systems, allergies, and asthma benefit the most from improving air quality. Households with children or elderly individuals will also benefit from the improved air quality.
Your HVAC air handling system can operate with more efficiency as the coils, drain pan, and ductwork stay cleaner longer.

UV light kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners / Germicidal UV Air Purifiers
Whole House or Room Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners
Germicidal UV light kills mold, viruses, and bacteria
UV Air Purifiers Offer Asthma and Allergy Relief

UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Bio-Fighter Germicidal UV Light Systems

Bio-Fighter UV-C Light Systems

Mounts in the duct system to control harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold, where they start, in the HVAC system. Superior technology and quality control, the Bio-Fighter germicidal ultraviolet light systems provide you the performance to solve your indoor air quality problems. The germicidal ultraviolet light systems are available in several models and configurations from residential to industrial.

Call or Contact Us for Replacement Bio-Fighter UV Lamps

UV kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Air Oasis Induct

Air Oasis UV Photocatalyst Induct ACT

The Air Oasis Induct ACT air purifier sanitizes your air, but also can kill surface mold, bacteria, viruses etc.  With the advanced AHPCO technology the Air Oasis Induct ACT air purifier will provide all the benefits of ozone air purifiers without using higher and potentially dangerous levels of ozone. Easy installation, no maintenance, uses one three year life UV cell. TiO2 UV Photocatalytic Oxidation

UV air cleaner purifier

Air Oasis TiO2 UV

Air Oasis Photocatalytic UV Air Purifiers

The Air Oasis AHPCO™ Cell technology is far superior to the older stand alone UV lamps and catalytic oxidation methods with only one catalyst used in other air purifiers. This state of the art advanced oxidation technology consists of a proprietary, high-intensity broad spectrum UV tube in a Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation matrix cell. TiO2 UV Photocatalytic Oxidation

UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Central Air Purifiers

Central Air Purifier Systems by Abatement Technologies

CAP Air Purifiers are designed to provide "whole house" air cleaning. These devices are installed into a home's central HVAC system, just upstream from the air handler. Optional ultra-violet lamp combines UVGI and Photolysis technologies to destroy bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, and odors.

UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

CAP 600 plus UV Light

UV HEPA Central Air Purifiers by Abatement Technologies

HEPA air purifiers are designed to provide "whole house" air cleaning with three stages of filtration. CAP600 and CAP1200 models provide true HEPA filtration for relief from bacteria, mold, fungal spores, pollens, and lung-damaging particles. These systems can be retrofit into forced air HVAC system or for new construction. Optional ultra-violet lamp combines UVGI and Photolysis with or without ozone.

UV light air purifier

HEPA, UV, Ionic, air cleaner

Surround Air Intelli-Pro HEPA UV Ionic Purifier

MULTI-TECH  Intelli-Pro Intelligent HEPA Air Purifier Air Cleaner. Safe and Effective Ionizer, Photocatalyst Oxidation TiO2, Germicidal UV Lamp, High-Efficiency HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Washable Dust Collector Plates, plus a Washable Pre Filter. Monitoring system Sensor Technology monitors the Air Quality and performance of filters and components. Let's you know when to replace filters.

UV air purifiers air cleaners

Surround Air XJ-3000C, UV HEPA and ionic air purifier air cleaner

Surround Air XJ-3000C UV HEPA Ionic Purifier

Most Effective Air Purifier for the Cost. Uses Multi-TechTM Air Purification Technology, 5 leading air cleaning methods. Ultraviolet Light, High-Density air ionizer for allergens, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and more. 99.97% efficient HEPA filter for particles including dust and mold spores. Activated carbon filter for chemicals, gases, cigarette smoke, and odors. On / Off  or programmable ozone for strong odors and filter sanitization.

UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Electrostatic, UV, Ionizer Air Purifier

ESP Germicidal UV Light and Negative Ions

The ESP four stage air purifier combines a pre-filter, ESP, ionizer, and Germicidal UV-C light to give you four function air cleaning technologies in one compact device. ESP, (Electrostatic Precipitator), filter captures airborne pollutants like pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, allergens or any particles as small as 0.1 micron. The filter never need to be replaced. Negative ionizer and UV are independent; can be turned on/off separately. 15.2" x 6.3" x 13.35"

kill bacteria, viruses, mold with UVC light

ionizer, UV air purifier

3 in 1 Ionizer UV Air Purifier

The 3 in 1 electrostatic, UV, and carbon air purifier helps to remove bacteria, dust, pollen, reduces cigarette smoke, and gets rid of bad odors. Using negative ions and electrostatic dust collector plates, the 3 in 1 ionizer air purifier reduces airborne pollutants. With a germicidal UV lamp the 3 in 1 air purifier keeps your home bacteria free and with a charcoal filter to remove odors. 17"x6.7"x5.5"

UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Replacement UV Lamps for Biozone

Replacement UV Lamps for Biozone Purifiers

Germicidal ultraviolet lamp replacement bulbs for Biozone UV air purifiers. Biozone UV lamps should be replaced annually if used 24/7. The life of the UV lamp is 9000 hours/ 375 days. Even if it still burns after 9000 hours it looses it's UV eradication power and should be replaced. Also fits and works in Air Lights Air Purifiers.

kill bacteria, viruses, mold with UVC light

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