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Replacement Bio-Fighter UV Lamps

Air Oasis UV PCO Air Purifiers

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UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Peak Pure Air has replaced Mold Buster
mold killer with Bio Breeze liquid concentrate
The Enzyme with Instant Odor Control

Bio Breeze is a very similar product to Mold Buster in that it is a liquid concentrate is a suspension treatment consisting of specially developed synergyzed enzyme, aerobic, anaerobic and facultative in nature.  It is harmless to animal and marine life and non-pathogenic.  Reduces BOD, (biological oxygen demand), and the foul odors and gases it produces. Bio Breeze not only eliminates orders, it eliminates their causes. Bio Breeze cannot rest in the presence of organic waste material, it must process it.

Bio Breeze Liquid enzyme concentrate, Deodorizer /
Germistat / Fungistat
Instantly Neutralizes Odors

EnviroCON Liquid enzyme concentrate,
Deodorizer / Bacteriostat / Germistat / Fungistat
EPA Registered / For Year Round Environmental Control

Hurricane Fogger for fogging EnviroCON / Bio Breeze

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What is Mold?, About Mold, Mold Facts    Indoor Air Quality - What You Should Know

Why Chlorine Bleach is Not Effective in Killing Mold

Why Chlorine Bleach is NOT Recommended for Mold Remediation

Air Sponge Air Filter and Bio-Fighter UVC Light Systems.
When these products are used with Mold Buster in the same system they
should provide one of the best whole house methods for indoor air purification.

Please review our other quality air purification products.
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Peak Pure Air is Closed
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While many of our products are designed to remove smoke and odors, we do not claim they remove
all of the harmful effects caused by smoking or second hand smoke. Product claims and descriptions
have been evaluated and approved by the appropriate product manufacturer.

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