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UVC light kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Commercial Industrial ozone generator air
cleaners odor removal and air sanitizer
Deodorizes with powerful ozone

Ozone is one of natures natural cleaning agents turning oxygen into ozone cleaning the air and then it reverts back to oxygen. These odor removal air sterilizers are high output industrial ozone generators used to eliminate odors from smoke, mold, (About Mold, Mold Facts), mildew and sewage. Industrial ozone generator machines are used by restoration professionals performing indoor fire and flood deodorization. Note that these are commercial ozone generators industrial ozone machines and are not recommended for occupied areas.

ultraviolet air purifier, air cleaner, ionizer

LightningAir Industrial Cleaner Ozone Generator

Remove strong odors from unoccupied spaces (such as a motel room or automobile) in a short period of time. The LightningAir Industrial Cleaner LA-3IC is a portable unit that can easily be moved from one problem area to another and to oxidize odors and eliminate them. Helps to eliminate smoke, pet, and mildew odor. High Ozone output is not recommended for occupied areas.
Ozone output: 1,800 mg/hr; 60 minute or hold timer; 120 CFM fan

ultraviolet air purifier, air cleaner, ionizer

Air Oasis 5000 Commercial

Air Oasis 5000 Commercial UV Photocatalyst

The Air Oasis AO5000 commercial air purifier is especially designed for open areas above 5000 square feet or smaller areas with high contamination levels. It is designed to eliminate smoke, fumes and odors and to sanitize the work area for employees. The AO5000 commercial air purifier is ideal for factories, restaurants, hospitals, fire stations and hotels.

ultraviolet air purifier, air cleaner, ionizer

Due to availability and complications we no longer offers the Ionic Zone Ecozone Clair, ActivO, or Oxy-Gen Ozone Cleaners
Please review our other products.

ultraviolet air purifier, air cleaner, ionizer


Is Ozone Safe?   What is Mold?, About Mold, Mold Facts

Why Chlorine Bleach is ineffective in Killing Mold

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Bio Breeze Liquid Enzyme Concentrate

Air Oasis Photocatalytic UV Air Purifiers


Most Popular Applications:

Shock Treatments
According to mold and smoke remediation contractors who use multiple machines throughout a residence to completely remove smoke damage or kill molds, it takes about 6 hours of 1000 mgph per 100 sq. ft of ozone to remediate smoke damage, kill mold, or oxidize decomposing flesh. (Crime Scene Cleanup).  The IZ-7200MGT produces "shock" levels of ozone in rooms up to 720 sq. ft.  For larger rooms, we recommend 2 units or shocking areas room by room.  During the winter, you can get away with shocking larger areas as ozone does not dissipate (break down) at temperatures below 30-40 degrees.  It just continues to build-up.  At slightly higher temperatures it takes hours to break down.  Thus, one IZ-7200MGT can deliver enough ozone to shock a 3000 sq. ft residence within 12 hours if you first allow your residence to cool down to 55 degrees or so.  To air out after the ozone shock treatment, simply run your furnace until the temps reach the mid 70's.  Ozone will dissipate in the 70's within 40 minutes.

"Green" Pest Control
If you have kids, you dread having pesticides sprayed in your home to control pests. Pesticides wreak havoc on the immune system and can lead to a long list of health problems.  We have a solution! Shock treatments of can kill small insects such as bedbugs, dust mites, and tiny "parasites" that are becoming a problem in many areas.  These small critters can't survive for long periods in high ozone environments so "nuke'm" with ozone and be done with them!

A Smokers Best Friend! 
Second hand smoke penetrates all surfaces and ruins them.  Ozone oxidizes those harmful substances found in second hand smoke; even surfaces damaged by cigarette or cigar smoke. You don't have to smoke however to reap the benefits of this ozone generator.  Simply passing through a smoky bar can saturate your clothing with second hand smoke. Ozone will remove the second hand smoke odors from clothing (actually oxidize them) which in turn can save you money on dry cleaning.  Simply turn this ozone generator on in the closet with the smoky clothing and Presto!  Clean, fresh smelling clothing.

Carbon Filter Regeneration.
Activated carbon and or Zeolite will absorb harmful gases and chemicals in the air. The only problem is that once the carbon granules are full, they can no longer do their job absorbing odors. We have a solution. Rejuvenate your carbon filters with ozone!  The Ozone will be absorbed by the carbon and oxidize the harmful substances collected by inside the carbon pores. We got this tip from a carbon vendor who re-charges carbon for their customers with ozone.  Try it, it works!

Disclaimer: Ozone in high concentrations irritates the lungs unless it has something in the air to oxidize, for instance, second hand smoke or VOC's. If ozone does not oxidize something within 30-40 minutes however, it will revert back to oxygen however. This is a commercial ozone generator intended to be used in unoccupied rooms, not as an air purifier in occupied rooms.  Use in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.

ultraviolet air purifier, air cleaner, ionizer

Chemicals Oxidized by Ozone

This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen This group includes: Acetic Acid, Acetone, Formaldehyde, Isopropyl Alcohol. M.E.K [methyl ethyl keytone], Propylene Glycol. The sources of these chemicals in our homes include: Tobacco smoke, plywood, cabinets, furniture, particle board, office dividers, new carpets, new drapes, wallpaper, and paneling. Also in cosmetics, shampoo and in packaged, bottled. and canned supermarket foods.
1. Acetic Acid, 2. Acetone, 3. n-Butyle Acetate, 4. Butoxyethanol, 5. Cetyl Alcohol, 6. Formaldehyde, 7. Isopropyl Alcohol, 8.Gylcerol, 9. Methacrylic Acid, 10. Methyl-ethyl Keytone (MEK), 11.Propylene Gylcol,

This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen This group includes: Benzene. Camphor, and Toulene. These chemicals are associated with paint, new carpets, new drapes and upholstery.

12 Benzene, 13. Benzyl Alcohol, 14. n.Butyl Phthalate, 15. Camphor, 16. Para-Phenylenediamine, 17. Resorcinol, 18. Styrene, 19. Tricresyl, 20. Toulene, 21. Xylene

This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen This group contains Butane, L.P.G. {Liquid Propane Gas]. Propane, Mineral Spirits. These are associated with hydrocarbons, tobacco smoke, gas burners, and furnaces.
22 Butane, 23. Isobutane, 24. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), 25.Mineal Spirits, 26. Propane.


This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, CL20 and oxygen. This group includes: Methyl Chloroform,
27. Methylene Chloride, 28. Chloroform, 29. Methyl Chloroform, 30. Perchloroethylene, 31.Trichloroethylene, 39. Phenacetin,

This group breaks down into water, nitrogen and oxygen. Ammonia, and Hydrogen Cyanide are members of this family.
32. Hydrogen Cyanide, 33 Amino Phenol, 34 Ammonia, 35 Ammonium Hydroxide, 36. Benzopyrene, 37. EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetracetic Acid), 38. Ethanolamine.


This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, sulfuric acid and oxygen. Members of this group include: Ammonium Persulfate and Sodium Bisulfite
40. Ammonium Persulfate, 41. Ammonium Thioglycolate, 42. Sodium Bisulfite, 43. Thioglycolic Acid,
Of particular note: Alkylated Silicates form Carbon Dioxide, water, Silicon Dioxide and Oxygen. Silicon Dioxide is considered a respiratory hazard. Members of this group include: Non-ionic Detergents
44. Alkylated Silicates, 45. Non-Ionic Detergents.
VIII. NON-REACTIVE COMPOUNDS Members of this group include: Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium Persulfate Sodium Bromate.
46. Calcium Oxide, 47. Hydrogen Peroxide, 48. Phosphoric Acid, 49. Potassium Persulfate, 50. Silicas, 51. Sodium Bromate, 52. Sodium Persulfate, 53. Strontium Peroxide, 54. Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, 55. Titanium Dioxide, 56. Carbon Tetrachloride (low temperature)

ultraviolet air purifier, air cleaner, ionizer

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ultraviolet air purifier, air cleaner, ionizer
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